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Who's Who in Electromagnetics: Ahmed A. Kishk, FEMA
Professor Ahmed A. Kishk - FEMA (Fellow of The Electromagnetics Academy)
  Position:   Tier 1 Canada Research Chair
  Department:   Electrical and Computer Engineering
  University/Institute:   Concordia University
  Country/Area:   Canada
Webpage URL: www.ece.concordia.ca/~kishk
Professional Interests:   Breast cancer detiction, dielectric antennas, EBG, soft and hard surfaces, design of millimeter frequency antennas, corrugated horn feeds, printed antennas, phased arrays, beam forming network.
Most Important Publication: · Said Mikki and Ahmed A. Kishk, “Theory and Applications of Infinitesimal Dipole Models for Computational Electromagnetics,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagations, Vol. 55, No. 5, pp. 1325-1337, May 2007.
· Islam A. Eshrah, Ahmed A. Kishk, Alexander B. Yakovlev, and Allen W. Glisson, ”Spectral Analysis of Left-Handed Rectangular Waveguides with Dielectric-Filled Corrugations,” IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, Vol. 53, no. 11, pp. 3673-3683 2005.
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