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Who's Who in Electromagnetics: Din Ping Tsai, FEMA
Prof. Din Ping Tsai - FEMA (Fellow of The Electromagnetics Academy)
  Position:   Chair Professor and Head
  Department:   Department of Electronic and Information Engineering
  University/Institute:   The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  Country/Area:   China
Webpage URL: http://dptsai.com
Professional Interests:   Nanophotonics, near-field optics, plasmonics, plasmonic nanophotonics, nanolithography, nano optical imaging & recording, near-field optical storage, metamaterials, metasurfaces, integrated resonant units.
Most Important Publication: D. P. Tsai, J. Kovacs, Z. Wang, M. Moskovits, J. S. Suh, R. Botet, V. M. Shalaev, "Photon STM images of optical excitations of fractal metal colloid clusters", Phys. Rev. Lett. 72, 4149 (1994).
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