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Who's Who in Electromagnetics: Tzong-Jer Yang, FEMA
Prof. Tzong-Jer Yang - FEMA (Fellow of The Electromagnetics Academy)
  Position:   Professor
  Department:   Department of Electrical Engineering
  University/Institute:   Chung-Hua University
  Country/Area:   Hsinchu
Webpage URL:
Professional Interests:   Theory of Superconductivity,Vortex Dynamics ;
First Principle Calculaion in Metals,Magnetism,and New Materials.
Theoretical Calculation and Design in Photonic Crystal,Plasmonics,Nano-Optics,and Despersion Engineering.
Most Important Publication: Theoretical Determination of the Induced Magnetization Density and Form Factor of Palladium,Phys. Rev. Lett.
Countor of the atteuated length of an evanescent wave at constant frequency within a band-gap of photonic crystal,Y.C. Hsu and Tzong-Jer Yang, Solid State Communications 129,475 (2004).
A 50/50 beam splitter using a one-dimensional metal photonic crystal with a parabola-like dispersion behavior,Linfang Shen,Tzong-Jer,and Yuan-Fong Chau, Applied Physics Letters 90, 251909 (2007).
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