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The Electromagnetics Academy Homepage

The  Electromagnetics  Academy is devoted to academic excellence and the advancement of research and relevant applications of the electromagnetic theory and to promoting educational objectives of the electromagnetics profession. Induction to Membership in the Academy is an honor in recognition of scholarly achievements and distinguished educational and professional services. The Electromagnetics Academy currently has over 1,000 members active in electromagnetics research. The membership directory of the Academy is Who's  Who  in  Electromagnetics.

The Electromagnetics Academy (TEA) establishes sites at research organizations and at Institutions of high learning, referring to as ``The Electromagnetics Academy at Site'', or ``TEA at Site'', where Site could be the name of the affiliated Institution, or the name of the geographical region. To establish a site, please refer to TEA Site Organization Agreement, send the signed agreement with a proposed plan by email to the Academy OFFICE.

Regular exchange of new developments and advancements in the profession will be made through international forums of publications and conferences. In the year 1989, the Academy co-sponsored the 1st Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) held in Boston, Massachusetts, 25-26 July. The Symposium was followed by an NSF workshop on future directions in electromagnetics research, also co-sponsored by the Academy. Subsequent PIERS have been held in various cities around the world, including Cambridge, Pasadena, Noordwijk, Seattle, Innsbruck, Hong Kong, Nante, Taipei, Osaka, Singapore, Honolulu, Pisa, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Prague, Beijing, and etc.

PIERS provides an international forum for reporting progress and advances in the modern development of electromagnetic theory and its new and exciting applications. The Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) is sponsored by The Electromagnetics Academy. To organize PIERS, please kindly contact the Academy OFFICE. To organize a session in PIERS, please fill out the PIERS Survey.

Fellow of Electromagnetics Academy(FEMA): The Electromagnetics Academy Fellow is awarded to researchers with extraordinary accomplishments in electromagnetics.

Founded by the late Professor Jin Au Kong (1942-2008) of MIT in 1989, The Electromagnetics Academy is a non-profit organization registered in USA.

Professor Leung Tsang, University of Michigan, USA,

Vice President:
Dr. Tarek Habashy, Schlumberger-Doll Research Center, Cambridge, MA, USA

Kung-Hau Ding, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433 USA

Please send all correspondence to:
The Academy OFFICE
Suite 207
777 Concord Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02138, USA


                                                                          © 2014 The Electromagnetics Academy